On this day: Week of February 16, 2015

… and all the rest of February. So it marks actually more than a year now that we’ve been doing these weekly posts, and so I’ve decided that I’ll just be posting them monthly. Here’s how it’ll go. I started on February 11, 2014. I was NOT going to spend my weekend a few weeks ago (1/31) preparing two weeks of this stuff, so starting today (from the first weekly post of last year), they’ll be monthly: on the first day of the month for the entire month, divided up by week. That’s how it’s going to go now. I may change … Continue reading On this day: Week of February 16, 2015

On this day: week of February 9, 2015

February 9 Births: 1645 – Johann Aegidius Bach, German viola player (d. 1716) 1741 – Henri-Joseph Rigel, German-French composer (d. 1799) 1751 – Antoine Bullant, Czech bassoon player and composer (d. 1821) 1864 – Miina Härma, Estonian organist, composer, and conductor (d. 1941) 1885 – Alban Berg, Austrian composer (d. 1935) 1909 – Harald Genzmer, German composer (d. 2007) Studied with Hindemith Deaths: 1960 – Ernő Dohnányi, Hungarian pianist, composer, and conductor (b. 1877) Will eventually get around to this guy’s works.  2010 – Jacques Hétu, Canadian composer and educator (b. 1938) Studied with Lukas Foss, Dutilleux, and Messiaen February 10 Births: 1696 – Johann Melchior Molter, German violinist and composer (d. 1765) 1935 – Theodore … Continue reading On this day: week of February 9, 2015

On this day: Feb 1, 2015

So we’re going to start clean with a new month. February 1: February 1: 1687 – Johann Adam Birkenstock, German violinist and composer (d. 1733) I’ll resist making a joke about shoes.  1690 – Francesco Maria Veracini, Italian violinist and composer (d. 1768) 1701 – Johan Agrell, Swedish-German composer (d. 1765) 1836 – Emil Hartmann, Danish composer (d. 1898) 1859 – Victor Herbert, Irish-American cellist, composer, and conductor (d. 1924) 1907 – Camargo Guarnieri, Brazilian composer (d. 1993) This guy’s given first name is “Mozart” 1952 – Jenő Jandó, Hungarian pianist Deaths: 1743 – Giuseppe Ottavio Pitoni, Italian organist and composer (b. 1657) 1949 – Herbert Stothart, American conductor and composer (b. 1885) 2007 – Gian Carlo … Continue reading On this day: Feb 1, 2015

On this day: Week of Feb 24, 2014

Ready for our next installment of “on this day”? I wanted to call it “this week in history” for a while, but am too lazy. It’s still divided by day, and you can still go right to the “on this day” link to view the week’s post if you’re dying to know what happened musically when you get up in the morning. Let’s get started. Also, I’ll be in Shanghai for most of this week, so we will see if I can get a post up here or not.  Feb 24: 1607 – L’Orfeo by Claudio Monteverdi, one of the first works recognized as … Continue reading On this day: Week of Feb 24, 2014

On this day: Week of February 17, 2014

I’m going to start compiling these weekly so they don’t gunk up the recent posts feed.  Feb 17: Nothing happened.  Births: 1653 – Arcangelo Corelli, Italian violinist and composer 1820 – Henri Vieuxtemps, Belgian violinist and composer 1887 – Leevi Madetoja, Finnish composer (I like the Finns. Should check this guy out) 1925 – Ron Goodwin, English composer and conductor Deaths: 1652 – Gregorio Allegri, Italian composer  1732 – Louis Marchand, French organist and composer 1841 – Ferdinando Carulli, Italian guitarist and composer 1943 – Armand J. Piron, American violinist and composer 1962 – Bruno Walter, German-American conductor (Mahler’s right hand man for a time) 1970 – Alfred Newman, American composer and conductor 1982 – Thelonious Monk, American … Continue reading On this day: Week of February 17, 2014

February 16 (and a soapbox)

On this day: Again not so much musically. On to births: 1774 – Pierre Rode, French violinist and composer 1847 – Philipp Scharwenka, Polish-German composer (I’ve played one of this dude’s polkas) 1856 – Willem Kes, Dutch conductor and violinist 1938 – John Corigliano, American composer Deaths: 1957 – Josef Hofmann, Polish-American pianist and composer 2013 – Eric Ericson, Swedish conductor And that’s about it for today.  I’m running into some issues, though. I am obviously just scanning Wikipedia’s entry for each day, but some people are listed as composers or pianists or instrumentalists, but for commercial jingles, jazz ensembles, South Korean pop music, or new age piano-y stuff, and I’m making … Continue reading February 16 (and a soapbox)

February 15

On this day:  Apparently nothing musically happened. On to… Births: 1571 – Michael Praetorius, German organist and composer 1760 – Jean-François Le Sueur, French composer 1761 – Jacob Kimball, Jr., American composer  1847 – Robert Fuchs, Austrian composer and educator 1899 – Georges Auric, French composer 1905 – Harold Arlen, American composer 1907 – Jean Langlais, French composer and organist 1947 – John Coolidge Adams, American composer 1949 – Hans Graf, Austrian conductor Deaths: 1621 – Michael Praetorius, German organist and composer (this guy died on his birthday) 1857 –  Mikhail Glinka, Russian composer (b. 1804) 1924 – Lionel Monckton, English composer 1974 – Kurt Atterberg, Swedish composer 1981 – Karl Richter, German conductor and organist 1992 – William Schuman, American composer I was getting nervous there … Continue reading February 15

February 13

On this day: 1914- ASCAP is established to protect the copyrighted musical compositions of its members  Births:  Leopold Godowsky (1870), Polish-American pianist and composer  Jeanne Demessieux (1968), pianist and composer Yfrah Neaman (1923), violinist  Colin Matthews (1946), composer Deaths:  Johann Kaspar Kerll (1693), composer and organist Johann Joseph Fux (1741), composer  Richard Wagner (1883), composer and director  Roger Voisin (2008), trumpeter  Continue reading February 13

February 12

On this day: 1816- The Teatro di San Carlo, the oldest working opera house in Europe, is destroyed by fire. Births: Thomas Campion (1567), composer Josef Reicha (1752), Czech cellist, composer, and conductor Jan Ladislav Dussek (1761), Czech composer and pianist  Lionel Grigson (1942) English pianist and composer Deaths:  Laurent Belissen (1762), composer Hans von Bülow (1894), conductor, pianist, composer Ambroise Thomas (1896), composer Émile Waldteufel (1915), composer Henri Duparc (1933), composer Eubie Blake (1983) pianist, composer Continue reading February 12

February 11

On this day: Anton Bruckner’s 9th symphony received it’s premiere in Vienna. Had I thought about it ahead of time, I’d have planned to write about it, but I’m still familiarizing myself with his first and third. What scherzos…  Births:  Freidrich Nicolaus Bruhns (1637), composer Egidio Duni (1708), composer Samuel Parkman Tuckermann (1819), composer andorganist  Hans Brinsart von Schellendorf (1830), composer and pianist, student of Franz Liszt Alfonso Leng (1894) composer and dentist (!)  Hans Redlich (1903) composer, conductor, musicologist Rudolf Firkušny (1912), pianist Alexander Gibson (1926), conductor Jerome Lowenthal (1932), pianist Bent Lorentzen (1935), (not Brent), Danish composer Deaths:  Johann Tobias … Continue reading February 11