February 13

On this day:
1914- ASCAP is established to protect the copyrighted musical compositions of its members 
Leopold Godowsky (1870), Polish-American pianist and composer 
Jeanne Demessieux (1968), pianist and composer
Yfrah Neaman (1923), violinist 
Colin Matthews (1946), composer
Johann Kaspar Kerll (1693), composer and organist
Johann Joseph Fux (1741), composer 
Richard Wagner (1883), composer and director 
Roger Voisin (2008), trumpeter 

2 thoughts on “February 13

  1. Oh yeah! Good question. This was my way of saying “this person is important or significant or I knew of him/her already” because many of these people I have never heard of for some reason or other. My fault for some, theirs for others.

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