February 11

On this day:

Anton Bruckner’s 9th symphony received it’s premiere in Vienna. Had I thought about it ahead of time, I’d have planned to write about it, but I’m still familiarizing myself with his first and third. What scherzos… 
Freidrich Nicolaus Bruhns (1637), composer
Egidio Duni (1708), composer
Samuel Parkman Tuckermann (1819), composer andorganist 
Hans Brinsart von Schellendorf (1830), composer and pianist, student of Franz Liszt
Alfonso Leng (1894) composer and dentist (!) 
Hans Redlich (1903) composer, conductor, musicologist
Rudolf Firkušny (1912), pianist
Alexander Gibson (1926), conductor
Jerome Lowenthal (1932), pianist
Bent Lorentzen (1935), (not Brent), Danish composer

Johann Tobias Krebs (1762), organist and composer
Carl Michael Bellman (1795), Swedish poet and composer
Antoine Dauvergne (1797), French violinist and composer 
Franz Schmidt (1939), composer, cellist, pianist 
Heinz Eric Roemhold (1985) American composer
Moses Hogan (2003), composer

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