TSO’s Nielsen Third

Interesting program. In a rare case where I thought I knew what I was hearing, I walked in and sat down to music I was not only completely ignorant of, but didn’t even anticipate. I was under the impression that … Continue reading TSO’s Nielsen Third

Miniseries: The Clarinet

I have a coworker. I have more than one coworker, but one coworker in particular.She’s a music major, a clarinetist. We talk (well, I talk) about music stuff: what I’ve been listening to lately, what I’ve been impressed or perplexed by, etc. as well as some recent efforts in composition. I keep her up to date on what I’m reading about, writing about, and listening to and ask for her input or thoughts on certain things. One day the question came up (or something) about why I haven’t done any clarinet pieces. The most of anything I’ve really featured has … Continue reading Miniseries: The Clarinet

Daily music: Day 1

I have some general background in music, but I could not play “name that tune” with music from the last few hundred years and do very well, even with the more commonly heard composers or pieces. I am fascinated with this type of music, not only because it is enjoyable, but also because there is virtually no end to the study of classical music. It embodies not only the obvious things such as music theory and culture, but people’s individual stories, struggles, history, politics, business transactions, good and bad decisions, the human experience. I went to the symphony just last … Continue reading Daily music: Day 1