Daily music: Day 1

I have some general background in music, but I could not play “name that tune” with music from the last few hundred years and do very well, even with the more commonly heard composers or pieces. I am fascinated with this type of music, not only because it is enjoyable, but also because there is virtually no end to the study of classical music. It embodies not only the obvious things such as music theory and culture, but people’s individual stories, struggles, history, politics, business transactions, good and bad decisions, the human experience. I went to the symphony just last night, and it always fascinates me that (with very few differences), the music played before us (Tchaikovsky’s 4th) is something like 135 years old, and yet to hear it come to life as it was then is magical. Living history, I don’t know. It fascinates me. Beginning tomorrow, I hope to share a casual amateur’s thoughts and impressions on a symphony every (working) day, and maybe more. That’s at least four a week. Currently listening to Myaskovsky’s symphony no. 2.


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