100 pieces of music and filling in the gaps

This post was going to be some really detailed information about the cadenza for Thursday’s centennial piece, but then I decided I didn’t know enough about it, and that I’d like to leave Thursday’s centennial piece as it is.
It was then going to be some reflections on the idea of the centennial itself, and then I thought that’s a bit silly. I’ve already had some “reflect on milestone” posts, and I’m getting the idea I’m the only one reading this thing anyway.
Then I thought about not thinking about what it’s going to be about, and here we are.
I’ve been doing lots of thinking lately about the blog, and planning WAY in advance what it is I’m going to talk about, but that’s been at the expense of a few things:

  1. Last minute concerts and pieces that will be performed there. 
  2. My revisits
  3. Other little minor things I may want to cover, like itsy bitsy Satie pieces or something. 
I am debating what to do about this… We’ve already reached music post number 100, which is in a few days. Our On this Day series has now become a monthly post (I’m re-posting the content from the previous weekly posts, and from here on out [as in next year] won’t repost those posts, only refer to them or have them catalogued for easy reference. It would get messy otherwise). 
So that means we don’t have a Monday series any longer. I may use Monday to resist the few dozen old pieces I did a really poor job of back when the blog started. I may also do like, a series of a certain composer (we had Mozart Monday back in the day), but I’m not sure. We’re down to Tuesdays and Thursdays here, and Wednesdays and Fridays over on ForeigNative (except for last week, which I totally missed. Oops.) So I’m thinking about ideas and potential new series and things. I’ve got the schedule roughly worked out to like, spring of next year, and there’s still a ton of stuff we haven’t worked through yet. I don’t think I can afford to double up and do two posts like that a week, but we shall see. 
In any case, it’s been one hundred pieces of music (officially) and while some of them were rather meager efforts, looking back at my notes and thoughts at the time, I’ve learned a lot. My purpose here was never to gain a ton of readership or monetize or anything, and I haven’t. My purpose was to learn and share. I’ve done the former, and done my best at the latter. I’ve learned a ton, but the more you learn, the more your realize you have still to learn. There are so many pieces I’d like to put on the roster and get on my list, and they will be eventually, but much of what I’m listening to now we won’t get around to until at least the fall of this year or into next year, not to mention the stuff I’ll tack on to the end of that list. 
It’s all quite fascinating, and my goal for the next hundred posts (because even into early next year still puts us at only post number 154) will be to address some of the more standard literature. I’ve got Haydn symphonies, Mozart and Beethoven piano repertoire AND symphonies, Schubert, among much else (like the collective string quartets of that quartet of composers, a total of 122 if my sources are correct, over half of those by Haydn). So there’s a lot to do yet, but it will be fun. 
I feel like I should probably get around to like, the classical string quartets in the repertoire before I start addressing stuff that was written in my lifetime (or that of my parents) but it seems that won’t happen. 
Anyway, that’s about all for now. It’s exciting to think what the next hundred posts may hold (well, I’ve already got 54 of those planned, 46 left to work out) and what else there is to discover. See you ’round!
I’m also going to see the Philharmonia this week! Super excited about that. Beethoven’s third on the menu. 

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