100 pieces of music and filling in the gaps

This post was going to be some really detailed information about the cadenza for Thursday’s centennial piece, but then I decided I didn’t know enough about it, and that I’d like to leave Thursday’s centennial piece as it is.It was then going to be some reflections on the idea of the centennial itself, and then I thought that’s a bit silly. I’ve already had some “reflect on milestone” posts, and I’m getting the idea I’m the only one reading this thing anyway.Then I thought about not thinking about what it’s going to be about, and here we are.I’ve been doing … Continue reading 100 pieces of music and filling in the gaps

Schubert and Mahler

There’s something about these two…. This is a complicated heavy topic, one which I am not really quite ready to address. I have been more and more enthralled with the music of each of these great composers (mostly the symphonies), but I see similarities that link them on an intriguing, deep, almost spiritual level. (They even look a bit like each other in the photos above, no?) There are the obvious parallels: they were both Austrian composers who left the world nine-ish symphonies with some unfinished bits. They are both known for their ninth symphonies (among other works) (see the … Continue reading Schubert and Mahler