Mozart symphony No. 9 in G

performed by the ASMF/Marriner

Mozart Monday again! Last MM I was halfway around the world. I’m back on the other half now, the half live on, and after a week and a half of listening and preparing for the recent Sibelius post, it feels a bit incomplete or premature to be posting this. It is, however, only a 9-minute symphony, and I listened to it about four times. Not much to say here, as it’s such a departure from the Sibelius I listened to for a week straight. Still a childhood symphony, published in 1770, making Mozart about 14 years old at the time of its completion. It was likely written in Italy.

A few things of note: the piece seems to be more developed orchestrally than some of the others, which is odd, because it’s only scored for oboes, horns, and strings. No flutes, no clarinets, no harpsichord. Yet, even with these simplifications, it seems more complex. The melody moves from the high strings to the bass line in movement 1, and this kind of interaction feels different from the other symphonies of his so far. The middle movements are slower, but the menuetto gets more lively toward the end. The last movement feels celebratory, almost Christmas-cheer-y, and there is a sudden change to a pleasant melody in what sounds to me to be a minor key in the middle section (ternary form I think), before getting back to the main theme at the end.

The whole thing is pleasant and nice. The first and fourth movements are my favorites, and I find the second a bit… Boring. Still extremely classical, safe, standard classical music from the classical period. Classical. Mozart. But the little boy is growing up…

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