Mozart symphony no 7 in D, K. 45

Completed in 1768 after the family’s return to Vienna after a vacation and escape from smallpox.

Parts of it were later refashioned into an opera (La Finta Semplice) and another entire symphony (K. 46a, the link for which on Wikipedia redirects to the aforementioned opera, but apparently the one I listened to, as the first movement is marked “Overture”)

This one was likely premiered at a private performance.

It’s a short one, but the two bits I enjoyed most were the first and fourth movements. The andante in 2/4 and the minuetto/trio are just fine, but didn’t much capture my interest. The first movement is lively and interesting, and it has similarities to the final movement. In fact, even I can notice that the fourth movement ends on the exact same chord that the first began (the iPod was on repeat and started the ‘album’ from the beginning again). Not mind blowing or super notable, but still very impressive for a 12-year-old composer. Almost irritatingly so.

It does seem that the continuo is serving a smaller and smaller role, as I didn’t notice the harpsichord much at all.

And that is it for a very lazy edition of this week’s Mozart Monday.

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