Luigi Boccherini: String Quartet in D, op. 8/1

performed by the Venice Quartet, or below by the Takeuchi String Quartet in a surprisingly clear recording Ridolfo Luigi Boccherini was born on February 19, 1743 in Lucca, Italy, into a musical family. His father was a cellist and bassist, and … Continue reading Luigi Boccherini: String Quartet in D, op. 8/1

Mozart Symphony no. 8 in D

Performed by the ASMF/Marriner Mozart Monday from a special location: Milton, GA (another M, for Mozart Monday in Milton) In this week’s MM, we find our family still in Vienna, even after they should have been back in Salzburg. It was finished in 1768. This somehow feels super polished and although simple, tightly written and more mature, especially the first movement. It is predominantly strings, with oboe and flute calling out between the action here and there in the Allegro. It has great motion and feeling, and I feel this has more dynamic expression than any of the precious pieces. … Continue reading Mozart Symphony no. 8 in D

Mozart symphony no 7 in D, K. 45

Completed in 1768 after the family’s return to Vienna after a vacation and escape from smallpox. Parts of it were later refashioned into an opera (La Finta Semplice) and another entire symphony (K. 46a, the link for which on Wikipedia redirects to the aforementioned opera, but apparently the one I listened to, as the first movement is marked “Overture”) This one was likely premiered at a private performance. It’s a short one, but the two bits I enjoyed most were the first and fourth movements. The andante in 2/4 and the minuetto/trio are just fine, but didn’t much capture my … Continue reading Mozart symphony no 7 in D, K. 45