Orchestra dell’Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia

featuring Daniil Trifonov, under Sir Antonio Pappano November has been a big month for concerts already, even after I declined to go to a few. There were some personnel shuffles with the St. Petersburg Philharmonic, so I refunded that ticket, … Continue reading Orchestra dell’Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia

Concert Review: 2015師大音樂系交響樂團公演: Phenomenon

The 2015 NTNUSO Concert: Phenomenon So, this is one of those concerts you go to for fun. I had the same feelings about a concert last month with the Taipei Symphony, and was blown away. The last concert we reviewed (last week) was the Taipei Symphony’s performance of Mahler 3 under Maestro Eliahu Inbal. This concert was the day after that. I was invited a few days ahead of time to go with a friend at the university who had tickets. I didn’t know anything on the program, but it was a nice opportunity to go, so I certainly didn’t … Continue reading Concert Review: 2015師大音樂系交響樂團公演: Phenomenon

Concert Review: 2014師大音樂系交響樂團公演

 or the 2014 concert of the music department of the best music school in Taiwan. I have kind of a tenuous relationship with this university. It’s the one that a lot of foreigners attend to study Chinese when they move here, but their music department is generally regarded as the best in the country. I took piano lessons for a few years with a frighteningly talented and very friendly student at this university, and have been able to meet and stay in touch with a few others; it’s also like a block away from my office and makes me feel … Continue reading Concert Review: 2014師大音樂系交響樂團公演

Concert Review: TSO’s Passion for Tchaikovsky

Taipei Symphony Orchestra under Gilbert Varga Anna Vinnitskaya, piano November 15, 2014 I shamefully have waited over a month to get around to writing some little bit about this performance. It’s a bit of a break from our Germanic thing we’ve been on for a while, and now it’s been so long that I may not be able to do it justice, but it must be written! It was not at the National Concert Hall, where most performances take place, but was down the road a bit at another venue. I’ve attended there before, and while it doesn’t have the … Continue reading Concert Review: TSO’s Passion for Tchaikovsky