Podcast: Haydn Found

featuring Mike McCaffrey. Listen here or in iTunes. Once upon a time, I had a very long conversation with a guy who knew Haydn personally. Or that’s what it felt like. And if you go over to Mike McCaffrey’s website, Haydn Seek, (he calls … Continue reading Podcast: Haydn Found

Interview: 男高音- 湯發凱

You may have noticed our interview series has dropped off the face of the earth. It happened kind of accidentally. But I got excited about the prospect of a new (small) series of interviews that would be unique for a few reasons. They will be the first interviews of/with people whom I know personally, and They will be the first articles of any kind on the blog in Chinese. I live in Asia, and don’t get much readership in my part of the world. Chinese articles will be cool. So, that’s about all you’ll get in English. It’s been a … Continue reading Interview: 男高音- 湯發凱

Interview: The piano

An interview with Ana Mirabela Dina Photo credit to Ms. Dina’s son Leandro This week, we have our third installment in our interview series, and one I am very excited about. The piano is really the crux of my interest in classical music, and while I spend a lot of time listening to Mahler symphonies and Sibelius and whatever else, the piano is where it all started, and coming off an 80-minute symphony, there’s something pure and refreshing about a piano sonata or nocturne.  I did away with the “The Ensemble” prefix this week because the piano is a self-sufficient … Continue reading Interview: The piano

The ensemble: the harp

An interview with Viktor Hartobanu image courtesy Andreas Labes I would like to work my way through the entire orchestra, getting interviews with an actual performer of each instrument and talk about its history, role in the ensemble and as a solo instrument, etc. This may only be a monthly (or bimonthly or quarterly) feature, but I am excited about starting this up, and firstly, we’re going to have a look at an instrument that I know almost nothing about aside from one of my favorite modern musicians who is part folk, part Appalachian, part indie, but 100% genius, Joanna … Continue reading The ensemble: the harp