Announcement: There’s a Podcast!

So this is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while, and have finally begun and learned how to do, sort of… at least enough for now.

Fugue for Thought has a podcast!

That’s right! You can now find me on both iTunes and PodBean (among other places?) and listen to my voice (which I’m sort of getting used to the idea of still…) but it’s there.

The first episode is the first half of a rather long conversation I had with Viktor Hartobanu, the first guest from the (now defunct) interview series (article here). The second half will be posted sometime in the future. I’m interested in doing at least one episode about the Bach cello suites, since (spoiler alert) they’ll be coming up on the blog relatively soon, but I’m also really interested in stories.

Like I’ve said before, music (or art in general) is a reflection of life, or an expression of experience. This was my original thought with the podcast, stories about music, from performers, conductors, composers, listeners, and I’ve reached out to some very interesting people about setting aside some time to chat with me. I’m not sure yet what this will lead to, and I’m also still learning how to use GarageBand properly, so that should be interesting.

In any case, it’s a new project that I’m really excited about in commemoration of an upcoming 200th music post in a few days. We also just reached 400 posts total on the blog, in just about two and a half years.

I’m planning on new episodes coming out on about a monthly basis… I’d like to do more, but, you know… time, and life, and all the rest. In any case, go subscribe and share with everyone you know, and we’ll see what happens! Enjoy!


3 thoughts on “Announcement: There’s a Podcast!

    1. Please do subscribe! I’m excited about it and would love to get your feedback. I have a running list of my music posts, which pieces when, and currently have a (very exciting, I think) schedule planned out to around August~~

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