Buckle up for a month of posts

Take note:

get it?

Starting today (well, technically yesterday, although that post was unrelated), we will be sharing three series of posts focusing on three very significant composers’ works, all for piano in some form or fashion. Today is July 7, and there will be a post every single day of the month for the rest of the month, culminating with posts on August first and second before we cool back down for weekly music sharing.
Most of the pieces are small-ish, which is why I am even considering taking on so much listening and writing. No Mahler symphony-sized stuff, at least for now. Taking inspiration from the first five Haydn symphonies and how much I enjoyed writing them and sharing them, we’re going to give the same treatment to the earliest works of three other composers.
Criteria are as follows:

  • Piano works
  • Early opus numbers
  • Series for the composer generally culminates in a larger-scale piece (sort of)
  • Chronological order for both the composers and the works by each one
Who will we be talking about?
If those aren’t iconic enough images… then just wait till tomorrow. I’m very excited. 

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