Mini German: A four-part series

For the next few weeks, we’ll be taking the chance to visit a few symphonies that didn’t get inclusion into our rather large German(ic) Symphony series at the end of last year. Obviously not everything could be included in that, and there was a rather specific train of thought I was working on for it, so some really good candidates were excluded. We’ll be adding to that a bit with a slightly smaller (by half) and not so narrative-like series starting this week.
I’m excited about this one. The first and last in the series are really some of my absolute favorites in all of music, and the middle two are more recent additions to the list of symphonies I just really enjoy listening to.
The first of these was actually premiered 210 years ago today!!! It is the anniversary of the premiere of the piece we will be talking about on Thursday, having been premiered in Vienna on this date. Look it up.
In any case, I figured that one was a wonderful place to start, and then from there I made some tenuous connections to a few other pieces, finally ending with something I almost did like eight months ago, but didn’t. And we’re going to do it at the end of this month. There’s also a concert review coming up that is quite fitting to include on a Tuesday amid this series, so it all works out quite well. It’s a concert I went to see last night that I am extremely excited to talk about.
Our first, rather large historic series, the German(ic) Symphony, was by no means conclusive or definitive; it was the representation of a train of thought represented by music I was interested in at the time. Go back to check out who was included in it and what the connections were.
Despite the fact that it was a limited, confined and somewhat specific series, I did feel bad
about calling it Germanic and leaving out a few important composers, notably anyone before Beethoven. That won’t be solved this time, but we will be starting from a similar place. We have another chunk of German/Austrian composers in a few months that will really get around to resolving a few of these deficiencies.
There will not, however, be as strong a physical or literal connection between the pieces as there was previously, with the exception of a few arbitrary points and the idea that I just want to put them together.
All three of the composers on this list have been represented before, some more than others, and I’m excited to put them together. There isn’t really much more to say about them than this. I’ve just come off quite a busy few weeks, and this has been written ahead of time. I am looking extremely forward to the next month of posts, and I hope all three of my readers enjoy reading them as much as I did writing them.

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