Post number 200!

If you haven’t noticed, I enjoy milestones, even the insignificant ones. We’ve had a few anniversaries here, like the 50th piece I shared, the one-year anniversary (for which was written the About Me post, the one-year-anniversary music post, and the reminiscing post, and we are coming up on the 100th music post, but for now, this is the 200th post in the blog’s history. We’ve had Thoughts posts, resources, the On This Day series, which is soon going to get shaken up a bit, the German(ic) Symphonies Series, which was extremely exciting, as well as concert reviews. There’s also been a series I intended to start that has only yet had one installment, and it’s the Influential People post, about Ms. Nadia Boulanger, and actually made specifically just to write about her. I’ve been thinking of who else to write about in that series, but we’ll get there eventually.
Not to be neglected is the MYCU (which intentionally looks like a university name, but stands for Music You Can Understand). That title isn’t meant to be condescending or belittling, but it contains examples of classical music that I find to be very enjoyable, but also quite straightforward and easy to appreciate. It could just as well have been called Gateway Drugs to Classical Music, but let’s not.
So those are the things to look forward to as we continue in our 201st post and after. I already have a ton of stuff in mind, and I would love (more readers and) some feedback and interaction and maybe even some requests or dialogue. That could be fun. I have a few other series in the works like the German(ic) one, but those are tiring and I need to decide when I’m ready to set aside two months (actually more like three and a half) for them.
See you soon!

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