On this day: week of August 25, 2014

August 25
1758 – Franz Teyber, Austrian organist and composer (d. 1810)
1796 – James Lick, American carpenter and piano builder (d. 1876)
1829 – Carlo Acton, Italian pianist and composer (d. 1909)
1902 – Stefan Wolpe, German-American composer (d. 1972)
1915 – Walter Trampler, American viola player and educator (d. 1997)
1918 – Leonard Bernstein, American pianist, composer, and conductor (d. 1990). Thinking so much about and listening to so much Mahler lately…. I can appreciate Bernstein’s influence as an educator and hugely enormous proponent of Mahler’s works (thanks also, I suppose in part, to Mitropolous), but I tend not to go for his interpretations (granted, I haven’t given them as much play as Abbado, Sanderling, Levine, Scherchen, Chailly, Gielen, etc. but he tends to be a bit emotional). All that said, he is a hugely important figure in both the performance and education of the 20th century music world. 
1742 – Carlos Seixas, Portuguese organist and composer (b. 1704)
1774 – Niccolò Jommelli, Italian composer (b. 1714)
1822 – William Herschel, German-English astronomer and composer (b. 1738) Yes, he was! 

August 26
1926 – Anahit Tsitsikian, Armenian violinist (d. 1999)
1958 – Ralph Vaughan Williams, English composer (b. 1872)
August 27
1886 – Rebecca Clarke, English viola player and composer (d. 1979)
1886 – Eric Coates, English viola player and composer (d. 1957) Two violists on the same day!
1521 – Josquin des Prez, Flemish composer (b. 1450) That goes back a way
August 28
1739 – Agostino Accorimboni, Italian composer (d. 1818)
1867 – Umberto Giordano, Italian composer (d. 1948)
1894 – Karl Böhm, Austrian conductor (d. 1981)
1959 – Bohuslav Martinů, Czech composer (b. 1890)
August 29
1875 – Leonardo De Lorenzo, Italian flute player and educator (d. 1962)
1982 – Lehman Engel, American composer and conductor (b. 1910)
August 30
1927 – Piet Kee, Dutch organist and composer
1943 – David Maslanka, American composer- Played some of this guy’s stuff in concert band in high school
1969 – Dimitris Sgouros, Greek pianist
2012 – Bernardo Bonezzi, Spanish composer (b. 1964)
August 31
1741 – Jean-Paul-Égide Martini, French composer (d. 1816)
1834 – Amilcare Ponchielli, Italian composer (d. 1886)
1879 – Alma Mahler, Austrian-American composer (d. 1964) Not a huge fan of hers, but she perhaps gave us more significant music as her husband’s emotional inspiration moreso than her own compositions. 
1941 – Emmanuel Nunes, Portuguese-French composer (d. 2012)
1945 – Itzhak Perlman, Israeli-American violinist and conductor
1952 – Kim Kashkashian, American viola player (OH my goodness… so many jokes to be made here with that name.)
1975 – Daniel Harding, English conductor
1730 – Gottfried Finger, Czech-German composer (b. 1660) Also some jokes to be made about this name….

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