Mozart Symphony No. 4

as performed (still) by Academy of St. Martin in the Fields under Sir Neville Marriner

Mozart Monday…

I also realized last week was almost entirely of first symphonies, aside from Bruckner:






I apparently didn’t sync Mozart 2 or 3 to my iPod (I suppose I’ll skip the spurious symphonies) so we move to number 4. I found it thoroughly more interesting texturally. Again, it’s really short, so I listened to it a few times.

Need I say it is very… Mozart-y?

I suppose the boy made some progress in a year. He was nine when he wrote this one, and still in London. It consists of only 229 bars, but they’re 229 pretty nice bars.

The third (and last movement; as Wikipedia notes, this was common with symphonies of the time, three movements in a fast-slow-fast configuration, and little Mozart plays by the rules) has some interesting 32nd notes (demisemiquavers!) that give the strings an interesting sound. It is, although just as brief as his first, more fun and interesting.

I am trying to like classical symphonies more, and will be trying to get through (meaningfully) all 40-something of Mozart’s and 106 of Haydn’s.

Interestingly, one webpage of “quintessential Mozart symphonies” begins with no. 25. I know that one to be a more notable of his symphonies (along with 31, 35, 38, 40, and 41), but what about those earlier 20-something (not spurious) symphonies? We shall see. Hopefully I can come to enjoy them all just a bit more.

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