Zoom Lectures

Photo by Tomasz Gawłowski on Unsplash

I have written about music as an amateur for years, but in a unique time like this, there’s a different sort of opportunity to introduce and share music, so I’ve begun preparing a sort of program to introduce famous pieces throughout history. I’ll talk for a bit, then walk you through a piece of music with the hope that you’ll appreciate it more than if you’d just listened on your own. It’s not as scary or difficult to enjoy classical music as you think it is, nor is it only for a select few.

You’ll need the relevant Zoom info to join the sessions, which you can get by contacting me or whoever gave you this link.

The List

  1. 29 January, 2022: The Importance of Structure (Beethoven)
  2. 26 Feb: What is Harmony? (Bach and Mozart)
  3. 26 Mar: If It Ain’t Baroque: Moving to the Classical Era (a Haydn symphony) 
  4. TBA: It’s Personal: The String Quartet (a Haydn string quartet) 
  5. TBA: Mozart piano concerto (recording)
  6. TBA: Beethoven chamber piece

Schedule subject to change with as much notice as I can manage. If you’d like to know about upcoming sessions, please send an email to let me know.