Music and Math: The Genius of Beethoven

The title of this video really struck my interest. I was envisioning it as something exciting and revelatory, a heretofore undiscovered secret of the music of this great artist.  It’s also a TED talk, which means it will be fun … Continue reading Music and Math: The Genius of Beethoven

Nerds (geeks?) and Classical Music

I couldn’t agree more with this article. I was giddy when I found it. Read it and then come back.  (Buckle up. The first few paragraphs are outrageously tangential, and then we get to the main point.) I am coming to have a closer relationship with classical music after realizing that it is perhaps the only thing that helps me enjoy or look forward to washing dishes. I don’t have a dishwasher, and I cook a ton (and I’m a messy cook), so there’s lots of washing up to be done in a very small kitchen, but instead of setting a … Continue reading Nerds (geeks?) and Classical Music