The Importance of Excellence

(or inspiration) The Preciousness of the Live Music Experience A soapbox moment (cover image by Adrian Korte) If my memory serves me correctly, my first post on this blog, back when I thought I’d listen to and leave notes about … Continue reading The Importance of Excellence

No, you don’t like classical music

For a blog like this with the purpose of sharing and explaining (at least the basics of) classical music, that may seem like a strange title. And I’m going to step up on my soapbox for a bit here, but really…. For most of you, you don’t like classical music.  When I tell people I enjoy classical music or that it’s all I listen to or that I write about it, some respond with (in Chinese) “I love classical music!  The moonlight sonata is my favorite,” or they hum Beethoven’s fifth or talk about how much they love Clair de … Continue reading No, you don’t like classical music