NTSO’s Unfinished

featuring Rainer Honeck Undetermined, Unfinished, but Undeniably Excellent This is our second visit to Taipei this weekend from a member of a European ensemble, after Stefan Dohr Friday. Back in the day, a few centuries ago, a soloist leading the … Continue reading NTSO’s Unfinished

Thoughts: NTSO’s ‘Resurrection’

or Thoughts in preparation for attending my first live performance of one of the greatest symphonies ever written My goodness. How long I’ve been waiting for this concert. And I know it’s not Vienna or New York or Chicago or anything, but it’s still Mahler, and it’s still one of the most respected (or at least oldest) ensembles in the country. And I don’t have to travel down to 台中 to hear them. In any case, this was the Mahler work that made me fall in love with Mahler, and I’m not entirely sure why. (Also, if you’re unfamiliar with this … Continue reading Thoughts: NTSO’s ‘Resurrection’