A Month of Myaskovsky

So in case you didn’t know, and it seems virtually no one did, I spent the month of February listening to a symphony a day from Nikolai Myaskovsky. February has 28 days, and Myaskovsky has 27 symphonies and three sinfoniettas. I tweeted … Continue reading A Month of Myaskovsky

Myaskovsky Symphony No. 3 in Am

performed by the USSR State Symphony Orchestra under Yevgeny Svetlanov (This piece has been ‘revisited’ since I felt the article below to be inadequate. For the updated article, click here.) Losing a post in progress is like Tumblr stealing a small part of my life. And infuriating. This one is two movements, but that doesn’t mean it lacks length. Each movement is at or over 20 minutes, so it comes in at somewhere shy of 45 minutes. As I’ve said before, I’m not super great at recognizing structure and key changes and all of that business, and it’s certainly harder … Continue reading Myaskovsky Symphony No. 3 in Am