On this day: week of June 16, 2014

Week of June 16 I know this has zero to do with classical music, but it is a significant piece of history related to a pretty classic book I love: 1904 – Irish author James Joyce begins a relationship with Nora Barnacle and subsequently uses the date to set the actions for his novel Ulysses; this date is now traditionally called “Bloomsday” Births: 1838 – Frederic Archer, English organist, composer, and conductor (d. 1901) Deaths: 1804 – Johann Adam Hiller, German composer and conductor (b. 1728) 1986 – Maurice Duruflé, French organist and composer (b. 1902) 2013 – Richard Marlow, English organist and conductor (b. 1939) June 17 Births: 1818 – Charles Gounod, French composer (d. … Continue reading On this day: week of June 16, 2014