NSO’s Mahler 2

featuring Günther Herbig, conductor; 陳美玲, soprano; 石易巧, mezzo-soprano Mahler’s second, for me, is just one of those pieces. It was the first piece of Mahler’s that really, I don’t know, ‘spoke to me,‘ at the risk of sounding cliché. It’s a … Continue reading NSO’s Mahler 2

NSO: Symphonic Milestone- Eroica

This was a last-minute and somewhat messy plan. I’d seen the program for this concert ages ago and at the time, wasn’t able to attend. Some recent schedule changes meant I was free, but by that time I’d entirely forgotten about it. I ended up buying my ticket only a few weeks ago, kind of late relative to how early I try to get my hands on most tickets.  I saw NSO and Eroica, and that was enough. I was at the ticket counter to buy a ticket for another show anyway, and there were still seats. On the ticket … Continue reading NSO: Symphonic Milestone- Eroica