TSO’s Pre-Tour Concert

featuring violinist Paul Huang (黃俊文) It’s been a little while since I’d seen the TSO. I wasn’t able to attend the all-Sibelius concert with Okko Kamu, unfortunately, but Varga was back in town tonight. Not for long, though. As the … Continue reading TSO’s Pre-Tour Concert

Dvorak String Quartet no. 12 in F major Op. 96 ‘American’

performed by the Prager Streichquartett, or below by the Cleveland Quartet This is one of those pieces that impedes the discovery of all the composer’s other works in the form. We’ll eventually get around to Saint-Saëns’ organ symphony, but it’s the one that makes … Continue reading Dvorak String Quartet no. 12 in F major Op. 96 ‘American’

Antonin Dvorak: Symphony no. 2, op. 4

This article has been marked as in need of a revisit. That’s where I feel like I didn’t do the piece justice or have more to say (usually because I didn’t know it nearly well enough or didn’t have the right perspective). I’ll keep the original article for posterity, but publish a new version that will eventually be linked here for my new take on it. performed by the Berlin Philharmonic under Raphael Kubelik It’s taking me more time to get through what I believe is enough listens to write these days. Started listening to this one last week, and … Continue reading Antonin Dvorak: Symphony no. 2, op. 4