Blackwood String Quartet no. 3

performed by the Pacifica Quartet (no video today, but go check out the album for some audio clips) (cover image by Steven Wang) Back to Blackwood. If you know Blackwood’s name from somewhere (and you’re not a contract bridge player; … Continue reading Blackwood String Quartet no. 3

Gustav Mahler: Symphony no. 5

This piece has been revisited, and an updated article has been written. Please read it here.  I’ll keep the original article (below) for posterity, but I would suggest reading the new article instead. performed by the Chicago Symphony under Georg Solti This piece was written between 1901-1902. This is the second week in a row I have been able to write about a piece after having seen it live. The previous week’s post (not the Mozart one) was brought about because I decided it would be convenient to do the Rach symphony in preparation for my attendance of the piece … Continue reading Gustav Mahler: Symphony no. 5