NSO’s Berlioz Bash

Two things: Olesya Petrova is a phenomenal, breathtaking, delicate powerhouse. Simon Rattle sat (a few rows) behind me tonight (in the next section over). I’m not ashamed of the fact that I’m familiar with (very) little of Berlioz’s music aside … Continue reading NSO’s Berlioz Bash

The ensemble: the harp

An interview with Viktor Hartobanu image courtesy Andreas Labes I would like to work my way through the entire orchestra, getting interviews with an actual performer of each instrument and talk about its history, role in the ensemble and as a solo instrument, etc. This may only be a monthly (or bimonthly or quarterly) feature, but I am excited about starting this up, and firstly, we’re going to have a look at an instrument that I know almost nothing about aside from one of my favorite modern musicians who is part folk, part Appalachian, part indie, but 100% genius, Joanna … Continue reading The ensemble: the harp