Rosenberg Symphony no. 2, op. 62 ‘Sinfonia Grave’

performed by the Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra under Herbert Blomstedt, available on Spotify (cover image by Eleni Afiontzi) Rosenberg’s second symphony dates from 1934, and we have what I perceive to be a similar situation with the quartets. The second quartet … Continue reading Rosenberg Symphony no. 2, op. 62 ‘Sinfonia Grave’

Eduard Tubin: Symphony No. 1

This article has been marked as in need of a revisit. That’s where I feel like I didn’t do the piece justice or have more to say (usually because I didn’t know it nearly well enough or didn’t have the right perspective). I’ll keep the original article for posterity, but publish a new version that will eventually be linked here for my new take on it. performed by the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra under Neeme Järvi I listened to this about five times. I have enjoyed quite a bit of the modern Finnish composers, maybe due to the influence of people … Continue reading Eduard Tubin: Symphony No. 1