Mozart Divertimento no. 1 in E flat, K. 113

performed by the Bamberg Symphony Orchestra under Joseph Keilberth, or below by the Carl Phillip Emanuel Bach Orchestra under Hartmut Haenchen (cover image by Brooke Lark) Among the juvenilia we are discussing this week, there are some significant firsts, if you use that … Continue reading Mozart Divertimento no. 1 in E flat, K. 113

Mozart Symphony no. 12 in G

performed by the ASMF/Marriner This is one of Mozart’s later childhood symphonies. He would still have been only about fifteen. It was written in Salzburg.  Also, this is a very half-hearted Mozart Monday. Partially because I’m exhausted, and partially because this symphony was…. just another early Mozart symphony. There’s nothing bad about that, but there’s nothing spectacular about it either.  A few things to note, though. It is in four movements, and the first is longer than any movement he had written up until that time. I suppose this symphony is close to being the longest of his symphonies so … Continue reading Mozart Symphony no. 12 in G