Concert Review: Ensemble Intercontemporain

I’m telling you, we’re getting great stuff programmed here in Taipei. My knowledge of this concert goes back some time, to this day, actually, the day of a friend’s graduation recital (well, composition). Turns out the lady sitting behind me … Continue reading Concert Review: Ensemble Intercontemporain

陳譽陞 作品發表音樂會

I just had one of the most inspiring, motivating afternoons in recent memory. I don’t even know how to talk about it. This time of year is one of graduations and recitals and concerts, academically and otherwise. The National Concert Hall will be getting some renovation done over the summer, so it will be closed for the next three or four months, and it seems that some of the ensembles or performers are getting in under the wire. In any case, May has been a busy month for concertgoing. I’ve attended a number of concerts at the same university, in … Continue reading 陳譽陞 作品發表音樂會